Thursday, May 30, 2013

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Following a morning spent reading blog entries about the dangers of plastics and food products, I decided to take a step towards cutting back my chemical risks with a Takeya glass water bottle. After two weeks of use, I'm about ready to make my report.

First off, the bottle fits well into a medium-sized hand (7.5 if we're talking hospital glove sizes). The silicone grip is comfortable, and the viewing window makes it easy to see how much water is left. The lid is rather cleverly designed, with a square top that facilitates gripping and a tight seal that prevents leaks. Bravo.

One of my major concerns in buying a glass water bottle was the issue of breakage. After schlepping it around in a thin canvas bag, however, the bottle is still as good as new. I wouldn't recommend smashing it against something on purpose, but then, that's common sense.

Unfortunately, I find myself returning the bottle in the end. The wide opening, while intended to facilitate ice cubes and such, makes it difficult to drink from the bottle while moving (walking, running, etc). It's a little embarrassing dribbling water down your front at the gym! Also, at 10.5" height and 2.75" diameter, the bottle is too tall for the filtered water dispensers at work. Perhaps this is my own fault for choosing the 22-oz version over the 12-oz, but then, a glass and a half of water doesn't seem to do much to quench a girl's thirst.

Oddly enough, my 24-oz Contigo water bottle has the same diameter, but the uncapped bottle is approximately two inches shorter than the glass one. I'm attributing it to the thickness of the container wall and the extra space occupied by the silicone sleeve. As far as I know, there hasn't been any mass recall of Contigo products, so I'll just have to assume that the bottle is safe for now. I have my eye on a Lifefactory glass bottle once this plastic bottle inevitably goes missing. Having lost two already, it's only a matter of time...
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stain Remover Rumble: Oxi Clean vs Shout

For those of you who read the post about DIY windowsill planters, you may remember that I recommended turning the planter upside down to let the lower rim dry properly before setting it down anywhere. Well, I got impatient with a recent batch and wound up getting sky blue craft paint on my carpet. Three rounds of Shout stain remover later, it still refused to budge. After two rounds of Oxi Clean, however, the paint was gone and my security deposit rescued from the clutches of my apartment complex. Hurray!

Now, these products were purchased in the laundry aisle, not whichever section is dedicated to carpet cleaning. In terms of fresh stains, both seem to work quite well. I've managed to remove greasy Chinese takeout from a pair of white pants with two rounds of Shout in the past. On a recent conference, however, I had a minor mishap and was unable to wash the pants until I came home half a week later. (Yes, the klutziness is sort of a persistent trait.) What's a woman to do?

Since I hate throwing things away, I decided to give Shout a shot instead of tossing that bottle out. After three rounds, however, the bloodstain faded but still refused to go away. A round of Oxi Clean later, I managed to rescue my white pants from the donation bin. The blue circle indicates the area that was stained but now is not.

I suppose the conclusion to be drawn from this wholly unscientific process is that Shout is fine for fresh, "easy" stains, but for stubborn ones that have had time to settle in...Oxi Clean it is. On an unrelated note, I've found Tide pens to be more or less useless. Has anyone had a better result with that product?
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